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“The team”

Our team works in Thailand since decade and is very familiar with all the dive sites Similan. Monitor CMAS, status and patent PADI, we shall guide you and make you enjoy the experience and our passion for diving for you to spend a dream holiday unforgettable.   We shall offer dives where you can see many levels of sea fans, soft corals and sponges. This decor with bright and varied colors, populated by myriad fish is without any doubt the greatest asset of Thailand. Visibility is excellent almost everywhere. Thailand offers travelers a wealth, a fascinating ancient culture, stunning beaches, exotic islands, breathtaking landscapes, a rich and varied gastronomy, decorated all the smile of its inhabitants. It is not less interesting for diving. Whether you are staying on the ground or on a cruise, you will enjoy its climate and gentle with Andaman Safari.
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Andaman Safari - Thailand
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