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Day trips

Diving in Phuket

The sea ground  is  rich of   little fishes, porcelains, sea horses and manta shoals, it's a  colourful festival. Visibility is excellent, diving spots are varied and possible for all levels. The Southern Pearl   will bring you unforgettable dives.

Diving for one whole day

When you choose a whole day diving, you can dive in Shark Point, Racha Yai and Phi Phi Island. Shark Point is located in a protected area. That's a gigantic colorful reef where  a giant pinnacle may be seen. The spot is huge and several dives must be done to  discover all wealths available. That's the meeting point for  sharks leopards. Racha Yai is a  great spot too, perfect for snorkeling,  you'll find numerous fishes shoales. Anemone Reef as its name indicates it is considered as all its anemones which hang on to all the rocks or the pinnacles, you will thus see numerous fishes-clowns, tunas, barracudas.

“Dives per day”

You can dive whenever and everywhere with your chosen daily program., Andaman Safari according to the weather report will propose you one Daystrip 2 dives a day on the most beautiful spots.   For further information please contact us by email at the address below info@andaman-safari.com
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