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Similan Archipelago
Similan Islands are composed of  9 rock little islands covered with a tropical wild vegetation and you can also admire and do terrific dives in the islands of the Commandant Cousteau on of the top ten worldwide spot. The Similan Islands arose from the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, here called Andaman sea. The view is stunning and unforgettable. Some little beaches of white and immaculated  sand  could be seen in different parts  these islets. Conditions for coral growth are perfect here : a water incredibly clear and an average temperature of 28°C. The archipelago has been categorized National Park since september 1982, so it's a preserved area for sea depths and so for the islands too. The name " Similan " comes from Malay that means " 9 " which corresponds to the number of islands that make the archipelago. Islands are identified with a Thaï name or a number. The numeration goes from the South (island number 1) to the North (island number 9). The largest (and the best known) is the island n°8 (Koh Similan). Around this archipelago, not fexer than 20 diving sites, ranked among the most beautiful in Thailand, welcome divers of all levels for beautiful diving in any type of ground topology. The species you can meet in the seabed of Similan Islands are a delight for everyone, as wildlife variety is important : nudibranchs, symbiotic shrimp, crustaceans, sea horse, typical fishes of the Andaman Sea such as anemone fishes, clown fishes, butterflies fishes, parrots, turtles, tunas, barracudas, sharks, gold fish, triggerfishes, morays, octopuses, cuttlefishes... and, on the famous spot of Koh Bon, a little further north, the majestic Manta rays that can be encountered mainly from December to March. Whatever the level you have, the Andaman sea offers  among the most beautiful wonders in the world. Return
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